Facilities & Services

Treatment methods at Hafod-Y-Green are based on intensive rehabilitation by a dedicated interdisciplinary team incorporating the following skills:

  • Psychology
  • Rehabilitation Nursing
  • Counselling
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Medical Supervision and Nursing
  • Specialist Support Groups

In addition to intensive interdisciplinary in-patient rehabilitation, the Centre also provides long term and respite care and an advisory service.

To promote a rehabilitation programme that is transferable to the community setting, close liaison is maintained with general practitioners, social work professionals, solicitors, support agencies and the families and friends of residents

The facilities at Hafod-Y-Green consist of art and craft rooms, activities centre, pottery and ceramics room, speech and occupational therapy rooms, interview and discussion rooms, computer room, hairdressing salon and resident’s kitchen, workshops and a multi-sensory room.

In addition Hafod-Y-Green has a large garden with outbuildings and greenhouses and an additional multi-sensory garden which form part of the Centre’s therapeutic activities.


Multi-sensory Room


The Homes physiotherapist has experience in managing a neurological rehabilitation unit, previous to this, she worked for 8 years in the intensive care unit at the local hospital developing a specific interest in non-invasive ventilation and running the respiratory team.

Individual rehabilitation programs are centred on mutual realistic goals, achieved through collaboration with the multi disciplinary team, treating each individual with respect and dignity and providing training and support for the carers and the family.


The Centre will accept referrals from all proper authorities including hospitals, health authorities, social services, solicitors, support agencies and of course the families.

Where a referral is considered suitable, a visit to the Centre will be offered to the potential resident and family in order to discuss their needs with specialist staff. Prior to entry, the Centre should receive copies of all the medical, therapy and nursing reports available for the patient at the time of admission.

For those who make the decision to give up one’s home for residential care a trial period is recommended as the best way to reach the right decision. It is our intention to offer to the resident and family our full support to ensure that the transition from home to Hafod-y-Green is as smooth as possible.

Whilst at Hafod-y-Green it is our aim to hold regular reviews of the service we provide to each resident with all associated professionals and family. This will ensure that a high quality of service is maintained and where possible, all needs catered for.


For those who come to the Centre as part of a rehabilitation programme, the centre aims to work with the family and other professionals to facilitate the best possible outcome with a return to home life and independence in the community.


The Centre offers respite care to residents on a short term basis. During the respite period our aim is to continue with the client’s daily routine as if they were at home.

Hobbies, interests and personal goals will be catered for wherever possible.


Should a return to the community not be possible, the Centre offers long term nursing care for adults who suffer with a physical disability, and residents who have complex nursing needs.

As with any other type of care we provide, residents in long term care can expect to participate in the care planning process and have access to visiting professionals and their care plan.

Regular reviews will be held to ensure the placement remains appropriate.


For those who make sufficient progress in their recovery to be able to return to the community. The Centre will encourage and offer support with this transition and liaise with health authorities, social services and other agencies to effect a smooth transition back to independence in the community.

It is the aim of Centre to ensure that Hafod y Green remains an appropriate placement for the resident at all times. Regular reviews will be held to ensure that the resident’s care needs are adequately met at all times.

Where a placement is deemed to be inappropriate for either the resident or Hafod y Green, we will liaise with health authorities, social services and other agencies to ensure a smooth transition to a suitable alternative.

The Centre, will at all times respect the residents right to choose where they wish to live, this may be in the community or at Hafod y Green. Residents can expect to have their freedom of choice and liberty respected and acknowledged at all times.